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OCR Software

OCR Software

PrimeOCR software eliminates recognition errors by 50-80% compared with desktop OCR.

Using voting technology, PrimeOCR uses industry's best OCR engines to render best in class recognition results
> High accuracy recognition
> Any volume project
> Cleaner results
> Quick setup
> 24/7 OCR software
> Off-the-shelf software
> Reduce OCR costs


> PrimeOCR Version 6.0 released
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PrimeOCR Software

PDF Solutions

PrimeOCR continues to lead in the high volume PDF OCR conversion market with superb accuracy:

PDF Output > Searchable PDF
> PDF/A-1a & PDF/A-1b
> Accessible PDF-508
> Smaller PDF File Size


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OCR Software Voting Technology

Using the latest advanced technology, PrimeOCR provides cleaner data resulting in higher recognition rates.

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Client Testimonials

PrimeOCR is really an amazing piece of software that radically extends what we can do with OCR.  PrimeOCR has allowed us to completely rethink what we can do with OCR.

Gregory Crane
Professor of Classics, Perseus Project, Tufts University

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Prime Recognition OCR Software

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Prime Recognition Provides the Best OCR Software for Your Business

Prime Recognition is an industry leader in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Our OCR server is able to convert large volumes of paper documents into searchable PDF files. Businesses rely on the best available OCR software to convert paper documents into digital documents that are searchable, indexable, and that can be easily categorized and archived. Prime Recognition's advanced OCR software is the most reliable software to convert high volume documents into accessible, easy-to-use PDF OCR files.

Conventional OCR software requires you to search through many possible matches for recognition errors detected in every single document scanned. Many errors may even go undetected creating noise in the searchable results. Prime Recognition's OCR recognition software delivers a cleaner, faster and more accurate OCR conversion that replicates your original document accurately. Our OCR technology can reduce machine-readable document errors by 65-80%.

The Importance of Effective Optical Character Recognition

Our voting technology reduces recognition errors and eliminates the need to manually correct.  Our quick-setup, Windows-based OCR program also has an Automatic Engine Recovery feature to ensure the software does not crash during processing, which can occur when using conventional OCR software download.  Prime Recognition's OCR application is the most cost-effective option for your business because the OCR software uses the most advanced technology available for reliable processing.

OCR, Optical Character Recognition technology, improves businesses information.  Our software makes it easy to convert legacy documents by using the best retail OCR engine so you don't waste time, manpower and resources on conversion and manual verification.

To try Prime Recognition today, contact us for an OCR software download.  Our full-functioning evaluation software will show you what Prime Recognition OCR technology can do for your conversion projects and all of your high volume document conversion jobs.